Only in Nazaré you could spend
a special New Year's Eve.

We have prepared for you an unforgettable program to live this moment close to those you love. Come and eat the 12 raisins in Nazaré and step right in one of the most typical Portuguese villages-


  • 1. Forte de São Miguel
  • 2. Marginal da Nazaré
  • 3. Igreja de S. Gião
  • 4. Serra da Pescaria
  • 5. Praia do Salgado
  • 6. Cruzeiro de S. Martinho do Porto
  • 7. Salir do Porto
  • 8. Restaurant Típico da Serra
  • 9. Return to Nazaré
  • 10. Pederneira


Restaurant Típico da Serra
Drinks: Water, Juice, Beer, Wines;
Starters: Bread, Olives, Butter, Pâté, Fresh Cheese;
Meal: Codfish "à Lagareiro" / Pork "à Alentejana";
Desert: Any Desert available;
Cafés e digestivo.


Dinner + Tour:
Adults: 60€
Children up to 10 years old: 50,00€
Children up to 4 years old: 40,00€

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New Year's Eve in Nazaré